3 Easy Ways to Claim Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance

Accidents and illnesses never happen when you least expect them, which is why having health insurance is a must for everyone. A decent and comprehensive health insurance coverage will ensure that the policyholder has easy access to the best medical care and never needs to worry about being financially burdened during a medical emergency. A person’s family and friends should be able to support and love them during this difficult period in their lives, and they should not have to worry about medical expenditures. Good health insurance firms offer reasonable plans that are tailored to the policyholder’s specific needs. Some of the most popular plans on the market today include family, individual, and senior citizen health insurance, as well as top-up health insurance coverage. A policyholder should be able to choose and use multiple policies as and when needed, especially in the case of high hospitalization costs. If you have two health insurance policies, for example, you can claim either one or both at the same time. However, as a policyholder, you must keep in mind that your real hospitalization bills should not exceed the amount you can claim from one or more plans.

The following is the procedure for filing a claim for health insurance:

  • Cashless claim: You can use the claim policy in two different ways. The first is also the most popular, as it allows you to make a cashless claim and obtain a claims settlement summary from a single insurer. Following that, you must obtain attested copies of the bills. You can now approach the second insurance company and ask for the remaining sum to be reimbursed. If you have a clearly defined treatment cost, you can also fill out both of the authorization forms. The hospital will send a form to each of the insurance companies, and the insurance companies will settle the cost directly with the hospital on the basis of this form.
  • Reimbursement claim: Even if the cashless method is more convenient because the payment is made directly between the insurance company and the hospital, some hospitals do not accept the cashless option. In such circumstances, you must pay the amount out of your own wallet first, and the insurance company will repay you later. You’ll also need to present the actual bills, which the insurance company will use to cover your medical charges. The insurance company will keep the bills.
  • Use two health insurance policies to pay the bill: Let’s use an example to illustrate this point. Assume your hospital bill is Rs. 5 lakhs, and you have two health insurance coverage from two different businesses. Assume each policy’s sum insured or health insurance coverage is 3 lakhs, and your total bill is 5 lakhs, then you’ll need to use both policies. You must present all original bills and documentation to the first insurer, together with a clear statement of the amount you want this insurance company to pay. Once the required amount has been paid by the insurer, you must get a claims settlement summary from the insurer as well as copy of all bills. Get these copies attested by the hospital and submit them to the second insurance carrier, together with the claims settlement summary, and they will pay the balance.


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